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Cowork at The Grove

Members at the Grove are value-driven, collaborative people building innovative solutions for a radically better world. They come from every profession, background and culture, work in non-profits, for-profits, or the many shades in-between, and bring in diverse skills, tools, and experiences – yet, what unites them is their intent, passion and commitment to make a positive difference and tackle pressing issues.

Super Fast Wifi
Business class internet with wifi access points throughout the space. Fast downloads. Fast uploads.

Wireless printing. Scan to email. Fax when you need to. We’ve got ourselves an all-in-one.

Storage Space
File-size storage bins for you to store whatever you need for your work day.

Discount Downtown Parking
We’ve got some of the best parking rates in the city. How do you beat that?

Mailing Address
A professional mailing address so you don’t have to get all your mail and packages sent to your home.

Bike Racks
An indoor bike rack to keep your gears out of the elments.

Coffee and Tea
Awesome local coffee, brewed strong and bold. A great selection of teas from around the globe.

Projectors & Whiteboards
Our meeting rooms are outfitted with whiteboards for brainstorming and we have 2 portalable projectors for your next presentation.

Coworking Memberships

To grow and develop your organization and projects you need affordable space, support, and an innovative ecology. Grove Coworking operates like a cell phone plan. You pay for the amount of time and services that you want. The following is a list of the types of coworking memberships we offer:

  • 10 Days Per Month (during our business hours, 8:30AM – 5:30PM Mon – Fri)= $89/Month
  • Full Time (8:30AM – 5:30PM Mon – Fri) = $150/Month
  • 24/7 = $250

Dedicated Desks

Want more permanent space? Our Dedicated Desk Membership is for you. We provide you with a desk you can make all your own. Setup your desktop computer, bring in a bookshelf or filing cabinet. This membership level is for those who like a little bit more regularity in their work life.

Built for teams.

The Dedicated Desk Membership is made for your growing team.

For just $300 per month you can have a dedicated desk for you and your cofounder or intern. Ready to add a member to your team? Additional team members are just $50 more per month. (limit 4 team members per desk.)

Private Offices

Our Private Offices provide a space all your own. Accommodating a variety of needs and varied sizes throughout the building, our private offices do require a 1 year commitment. Please email us at to find out more on pricing and availability.